Professor Lin Xin


“As a scientist engaged in biomedical research, our dream is to convert our research results into new treatments that provide personalized and effective therapy for cancer patients, and to leave our name in the history of conquering cancer for the benefit of mankind”

Company Overview

Bristar Immunotech is a clinical-stage cell therapy company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative gene-editing T cell immunotherapy products for the treatment of cancer and viral infections.

The company has two proprietary and transformative T cell platforms, STAR-T™and enTCR-T™.

Summary of Our Product Pipeline

Using its platform technology, Bristar’s current product pipeline includes drug candidates targeting diseases such as hematoma, solid tumors and virus infections.

Working in collaboration with a number of hospitals, the company has established more than ten “First-in-Human” clinical studies. The clinical data of Bristar’s T cell immunotherapy products has shown good safety and high effectiveness in more than 60 patients.