STAR-T™ Cell Therapy Platform

Bristar Immunotech’s synthetic T-cell receptor and antigen receptor platform or STAR-T platform , boasts significant advantages over traditional CAR-T products in treating tumors. STAR-T engages tumor antigens independently of human leukocyte antigen (HLA), and offers a multi-pronged option to target solid tumors, including minimizing antigen escape, enhanced infiltration and engaging multiple tumor targets. engaging multiple targets.

STAR structure resembles TCR, superior to CAR-T

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STAR-T platform
STAR-T is a new T-cell structure discovered by the team at BriSTAR Immunotech. STAR-T is based on the molecular mechanism of T-cell activation. Inspired by the structure and function of TCR, STAR-T combines the power of HLA-independent tumor targeting of CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cells) with the exquisite antigen engagement capability of TCR-T (T cell receptor engineered T-cells) to achieve better tumor killing and improved safety.

enTCR-T™ Platform

BriSTAR Immunotech’s enTCR-T platform is an enhanced TCR platform. EnTCR-T works by engaging a co-stimulatory signal in addition to the TCR signaling machinery.

enTCR-T structure has a differentiated design

enTCR-T platform
The T cell receptor-engineered therapy (TCR-T therapy) improves the affinity of TCRs and the power of immune cells by transducing antigen-specific TCRα/β heterodimers into the conventional T cells to improve the specific recognition and elimination of the antigen-presenting cells (virus-infected or tumor cells) in a HLA-dependent manner. BriSTAR’s internal TCR discovery engine focuses on discovery of TCR or TCR-like sequences that are specific to viral antigens and tumor neoantigens.